About this project

We would like to create a casual quiz game that helps people to know more about COVID 19 (corona virus) and how to be careful. Asides from educating the people, the goal of this game is to address the misinformation out there about the virus by using information from credible sources such as the WHO.  We also hope that with this game, people can share with their friends who would also get a chance to learn more about the virus, some of its symptoms and how to stay safe. We would achieve this by making it possible to share with friends over email or social media. Users will have the option to challenge and invite their friends to play.

Who We Are

We are a team of Tallinn University Social Entrepreneurship students working on the use of E-services and ICT to provide solutions to social problems.


The team is composed of :

Tolulope Kilanko

Ferdoush Shawon

with technical assistance provided by Moses Egboh.







Photo Credits:

Brian McGowan – COVID-19 Screening Tool

Fusion Medical Animation – New visualisation of the Covid-19 virus